Revitol’s formula most effective way to remove skin tags -NOW-

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Here is today’s news and research on the best ways to remove skin tags

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  • When used by itself tea tree oil has been shown to be effective but it is slow. Meanwhile the good folks at Revitol have formulated a skin tag remover that has combined both tea tree oil and Thuja Occidentalis. This new formula has clinical testing that has proven that the Revitol formula is more effective, acting much quicker in a safe sensitive way.
  • Skin tags are layers of blood vessels and collagen sealed under thick bits of skin. While we can see skin tags appear in babies, normally people over the age of thirty is where we see the appearance of skin tags. The National Institute of Health estimates that forty-six percent of the population have skin tags somewhere on their body.

research results

Studies, clinical results continue to show that creams which use Thuja Occidentalis and Tea tree oil in combination work better than either alone.

Further, this combination is more effective than formula’s found in other creams. Most often users of a cream to remove skin tags using Thuja Occidentalis together with tea tree oil will see results within three to six weeks.

  • Revitol has created a all-natural cream from plants. This formula has no dangerous chemicals hence does not damage your skin. However, Revitol’s skin tag remover begins by attacking the root of the skin tag, and then while at the same time attacking the main body of the skin tag. Revitol does this without damaging surrounding skin. Further, Revitol’s formula is odorless leaves no visible film.
  • Imagaine you now have a safe natural way to remove skin tags that quickly removes skin tags without scarring.Imagine your skin free from skin tags.
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