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Four Suggestions to Selection of Skin Tag Removal Cream

  1. Select a experienced reputable manufacturer of the product,
  2. Review the formula and determine that the ingreadants are safe using no harsh chemicals,
  3. A formula that uses all natural ingredients is best, if possible,
  4. Check that the product can be used on your face and sensative area your body.


  1. The manufactures of Revitol are know as a leading all natural health product provider.
  2. REvitol’s skin tag removal cream contains no harsh chemicals,
  3. Revitols formula includes Thuja occidentalis which is well known for its ability to remove skin tags. Revitol’s formula provides you a new and better approach to removing skin tags.
  4. Its safe and natural made from plant extracts with no added chemicals

What Are Skin Tags?

Skin tags is small bundles of blood vessels and collagen wrapped inside thicker layer of skin.

Who is effected with skin Tags?

Forty-six percent, or more, of the population have skin tags. Skin tags can appear at any age but are most common beginning in a persons late twenties and even more so over fifty years of age.

Where do skin tags appear?

Skin tags can appear almost anywhere on the body. This includes our private parts.

What causes skin tags?

Research has no clearly demonstrated the cause of skin tags. However, it appears that continued, constant rubbing in area of skin is the leading cause of skin tags.

Are skin tags dangerous?

No, research into skin tags has not shown a health hazard caused by skin tags. However, only a qualified doctor can absolutely determine what you are seeing is a skin tag. So we recommend that you see doctor before starting any treatment.

Imagine you can be free of skin tags

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