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Skin Tag Removal at Your Fingertips

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  • You may not have skin tag right now but almost certainly will see them develop as you age.
  • Skin tags can appear at any age but typically begin you will see them begin appearing at middle age.
  • These little irritants are known medically as “acrochordon”.  Skin tags most often appear where you have skin folds, under your arms, breasts, neck, groin or eyelids.
  • Skin tags are not warts but quite often are confused as warts.what are Skin Tags?

    • Skin tags come in many varieties, colors, and sizes. Skin tags often the look like rest of your skin but appear to be a tag or flap. The color can be identical to the surrounding skin or may appear in brown or black.
    • Some even come in red when their blood supply is cut off.
  • Skin tags have been detected anywhere from less than one millimeter to over five millimeter in diameter. Often you cannot see or feel a skin tag even though they may be visible to others.
  • Skin tags are not harmful and typically only become painful if irritated. Irritation of skin tags comes most often from rubbing by clothes or jewelry.
  • Doctors say that there may be a hereditary component to skin tags but research is unclear on this point.

Role of Hormones and Appearance of Skin Tags

Diabetes and Insulin

-There  has been a correlation between obese or overweight people. Therefore, if you are overweight you have increased risk of skin tags appearing.


– Additionally, extra weight places you at risk of type two diabetes since research shows a correlation between type two diabetes and skin tags.

– Conversely, if you have skin tags you may also have the beginnings of type two diabetes.

– This also suggests that the hormone insulin, which governs sugar levels, plays a role in have development of skin tags.

Other Hormones

Pregnant women are more prone to development of skin tags.

Skin tags appear more often when a person produces too much growth hormone.

Other Factors

Crohn’s disease

Crohn’s disease is chronic inflammation in the digestive tract triggering sypmtoms such as diarrhea, cramping and abdominal pain. This condition is known to be a genetic disorder that can lead to skin cancer.


Imagine yourself free from skin tags. Your skin back to its natural beauty and glow. It is possible. Occasionally skin tags will fall off on their own, however most often once you see them they will stay.

First we recommend you see dermatologist to confirm what you see are skin tags. Afterwards there are few techniques to remove skin tags. You do not have to live with skin tag. You are free to remove them. Read More our post have other alternative to remove skin tags.

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