Remove Skin Tags or Biopsy

Identifing Skin Tags

How can you identify a skin tag?

Characteristics of Skin Tags

  • Normally has small stalk (peduncle) that connects it to your body
  • May look and feel like flap
  • Normally small in size about 2-4 mm but can be larger.

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  • Friction is one of the most common causes of skin tags.
  • Areas of the skin that are frequently rubbed or are rubbing together can cause skin tags. Another possible cause can be an area that is constantly rubbed by cloths.

when to consider there is a problem

You should always consult a doctor to determine for certain what you see is a skin tag. Having said that let us give a brief list of telltale signs pointing to need for biopsy and/or medical treatment.

  • Discoloration, skin tag or the area around it appears darker then normal skin,
  • If you feel pain or constant irritation,
  • If you see discharge or weeping from the growth,
  • Bleeding of the growth can indicated a more serious issue,
  • If the area around the growth is irregular or it grows suddenly.

These symptoms may indicate some pre-cancer or even cancerous growth. You should consult your doctor. He may choose to send it off for biopsy.


If a doctor thinks, there is concern than he will remove it and then send it to pathologists. The pathologist after examination under a microscope will report his findings to your doctor.

Early Identification of the issue is better

If there is a problem the earlier, a doctor gets involved and treatment is begun the better for you and easier the resolution is. The basic rule of thumb if you feel it is abnormal or it feel wrong then see a doctor.

We suggest monthly personal checks for growths and frequent monitoring of any existing growths.

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